Sunday, a different sort of 'fun' day

I wasn’t feeling very well on Saturday, so I cancelled my exercise plans. I woke up Sunday feeling great so I decided that I would tackle everything on the schedule for both days. What does that mean? P90X legs and back, followed by P90X kenpo, followed by a run. I originally had 4 on my schedule, but remembered it as 3. I knew my legs were going to be tired, so I gave myself permission to run anything over 2.5 miles.

Legs and back was a great workout. Kenpo was rough. I know that next Sunday, when I only do kenpo, will be great.

My run was so ragged. My lungs felt great and my legs wanted to gogogogo but there just wasn’t much in the tank. I decided to literally run an errand while I was out. If I didn’t, I don’t think I would have gone running at all. What was my errand? I’m so glad you asked! I made an appointment for my next tattoo. I’m really excited. This was the tattoo that I was supposed to get after I ran my half marathon last September, but I’ve finally figured out how to incorporate it into my future sleeve. I’m starting on the literary sleeve first. Next Sunday. I’m so excited! Of course there will be pictures; right after it is finished and then when it heals. No grossies here.


2 thoughts on “Sunday, a different sort of 'fun' day

  1. Ooh, I can’t wait to hear about the tattoo you’re planning on – tell me all about it Wednesday! It’s supposed to be sunny in the afternoon, can you swing a run around 1/2? If not, as late as you can do in the morning will work for me. 🙂

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