I think I'm settling in, but who really knows?

I feel like a completely broken record. I keep juggling my work out schedule around and it isn’t smart.

Confession time: I love the idea of a training plan, but I actually don’t want to follow one. I base this statement on the fact that I’m acting like a teenager about getting my workouts done on the day I schedule them. I know I’ll feel better after having done it and they don’t actually take up all that much time. But for some reason I’ve been listening to the inner “I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT” voice waaaaaaaaay too much already in my training. Oh, and somehow the space cadet portion of myself has been in charge of my knee sleeve lately. I haven’t worn it in a week. Today I could feel it. I know it’s just there for the placebo effect, but this is worrying to me. Both that I can’t seem to remember it and that I am more dependent on it that I should/want to be.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that it’s because I don’t have any complete rest days built in. So I’m taking them when I feel like I need them, then feeling guilty about it and piling extra workouts on to other days. Not smart, I know. But I’m very hesitant to cut out some of the cross training. There is some form of squats or lunges in every single P90X DVD and those are the moves that I need to strengthen the muscles that were so weak I ended up (stupidly) running a 10K and a half marathon through the pain of ITBS (and then taking 8 weeks to recover mentally).

So what’s a girl woman to do? Drink coffee, contemplate, and blog about it without coming to a decision, obviously. Besides, even if I stick to the heavy cross training that I’m doing now, the program will be finished 6 or 7 weeks before my marathon. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. And sometimes that is a perfectly acceptable place to be in life. It’s just important not to stay there too long.

Yesterday’s stats: 3 miles/ 33 minutes P90X shoulders & arms

Today’s stats: 4 miles/ 38:36 P90X legs & back.

School is going well enough. I feel like I’m swamped and can’t get all of my readings done. I have some blog ideas floating around in my head, but I just haven’t got the time to get them out. This problem might be compounded because I have a minimum of 3 tabs open at all times. I know that if I were more capable of prioritizing things would go better.

Hubs and I had a date night last night. Totally unexpected, too! My mom called me midday and invited us over for supper and offered to keep Thor overnight. Hallelujah! Hubs wanted to go see a friend of some friends perform his first show. I wanted to go on a run together and then do some yoga. Really, this is what I’ve come to view as a ‘date’.  We opted to walk to a dive bar in the neighborhood and meet up with some friends. Now, I have preferred dive bars from before the age of 21. Shhh! Don’t judge. I’m more comfortable hanging out in a room full of serious drinkers than people my age. I hate the bar scene with people on the prowl. This is probably because I’ve never been 21+ and single. Regardless. My favorite bars have been overrun with people my age, especially on Friday/Saturday nights. C’est la vie, but I don’t have to love it. Anyway, this place was straight up DIVE BAR. Seattle has had a smoking ban in public places for 6 years and I still expected to walk into this place and the smoke to be so thick I couldn’t see or breathe. Made me feel at home. The two best signs on the walls: “Caution: we don’t call 911” and “You look like my damn grandkids. Get your ID out.” And I hear that about 5 years ago, that first sign was more relevant. Can’t say I’m sorry to have missed out on that level of dive bar, but this place reminded me of the place I was at when Captain Phil (yes, that Captain Phil) bought a round for the bar. Side note: after I have a long career teaching I’m gonna open a dive bar and be the crusty old lady bar tender that pours drinks 90/10 liquor to mixer & wear my hair in a slightly off-center beehive and call everyone honey or sweetie or darlin’. And flirt mercilessly and shamelessly.

Goals, people. They are unspeakably important.


2 thoughts on “I think I'm settling in, but who really knows?

  1. I love your dive bar idea. When I'm 80 I'll come in and complain about the kids these days 🙂

    And rest days are SO important. Better to be well rested and slightly less trained than completely burnt out or overtrained!

    • Sounds like we’ve got a date in another 55 years or so! 😛

      I know rest days are important. I feel like I still take them because I’m running 4 days a week and cross-training 6. They don’t line up, but the last two weeks I’ve made them line up by juggling things around. I’m thinking its got a lot to do with nutrition as well. We’ll see, though. 🙂

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