Wednesday's Rewind of the Fitblog Chat

My Tuesday nights are not my own. They currently belong to my stats instructor (who could pass as Lea Michele’s (only slightly) older sister, but my grade is dependent on the fact that you didn’t hear that from me).

So. I’m going to try out answering the #fitblog questions in a post.

Q1: Does when you exercise or how much you exercise impact what you eat? How? The volume of exercise certainly impacts my appetite. I’m trying to eat more calories to begin with, since I’m not hitting my daily calorie goals anyway. Side note- I am noticing a boost in energy, but that could be psychosomatic.

Q2: What do you eat before you work out? Depends on when I’m working out. I try to eat something before a morning run, like an English muffin, or a piece of fruit before a strength training session. I’d rather eat after.

Q3: What do you eat after a work out? Pretty much whatever I want. I aim for something with carbs and protein and healthy fats. And some water. Pretty exciting, no? I’m also not in this for weight loss, and I feel like I make healthy choices already.

Q4: Do you eat more indulgently if you have exercised or plan to? What’s your treat meal? No I don’t. Food isn’t a reward in my mind. I’ve been really into homemade pizza lately. Hubs and I like to go unusual with our toppings. Think sweet potatoes, Guinness caramelized onions, pear and goat cheese. Those were all different pizzas, because as much as I embrace odd food combinations, I don’t know that I could eat all of those together.

Will edit to add exercise info later.

ETA: My allergies showed up this morning in a fierce way. I only managed 1.67 miles. I also did the p90x cardio and half of the core DVDs. I feel like sneezing on and off for 10 hours should count as some sort of core work, too. I’ll make up the miles at some point & finish the core DVD tomorrow. After a good, long night’s sleep.


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