I'm still here

I’m swamped with school. This is what happens when you suddenly decide that perhaps, for the first time in your educational experience, you should indeed do the assigned readings.

Crap. This stuff is seriously boring. I’m cheering myself up by reading up on grad schools. Yes, the idea of another 5-10 years of school is actually reassuring to me. Don’t judge. You’re crazy in your own special way, too.

It’s a “rest week” with p90x which means I’m supposed to do the yoga video multiple times. Translation, I’ve had a number of actual rest days as I don’t think exercise should be torturous (again with that whole “boring” thing). Mother Nature does not approve of my training schedule as every day that I’m scheduled to run for the next week will be rainy and gross while today is beautiful, especially because yesterday’s freak windstorm appears to have blown itself out.


So tomorrow will be a wet, cold, 10 miles.

Bring it.

ETA: The highlight of my reading this week: “Initially, however, the main function of ARPANET (established in 1969, ARPANET was one of the components that led to the Internet that we all love and abuse) became electronic mail, with the content often dealing with personal messages and jokes.”

Well, thank goodness we’ve left that behind.


2 thoughts on “I'm still here

  1. Blech to school reading especially when it’s boring. That whole “being a good student” thing is a PITA sometimes, but I know you’re rockin’ it! I haven’t tried the DVD yet since today is the first day I don’t feel like half my body weight is in my head, but I will soon. How about coffee Thursday so I can get it back to you?

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