Strong like Bear

That’s a line used repeatedly by a character from a book by one of my favorite authors. I’m speaking of Christopher Moore’s A Dirty Job, of course.

Read it.

Read all of his books. Start from the bottom up, and feel free to skip Fool. It just wasn’t up to his usual standard, in my perpetually honest opinion. If you think your life is so busy that you can only read one, then read Lamb.  If you can squeeze in a second, read Fluke or A Dirty Job. (If I must, then A Dirty Job edges out Fluke, but only barely.) Ideally, you will read them all. In order. RIGHT. NOW. (I’ll wait. Ok, I won’t. You let me know when you’re finished and we’ll get back to it.) I’m looking forward to the release of Bite Me this spring.

Why am I suddenly spouting off about fiction that I don’t have time to re-read? My best friend, my Bunny (some day I’ll explain that one), sent me a link to a book review that I find hilarious enough that I had to share. Knowing full well that none of you will find this as funny as I do, because as far as I know none of you have a borderline unhealthy obsession with all things Soviet. Also, I’m trying to do you a favor by exposing you to an awesome author. Go read. Seriously.

click to enlarge

Always be strong like bear.

This bear opted to do an hour’s worth of core work today. Sweaty bear must shower. And then not-sweaty-anymore bear has to go to mind warping statistics class. I would have more faith in the process if my instructor wasn’t asking one particular student to check her work. Constantly. Skeptical bear is unsure that anyone is actually learning. This does not bode well for the final.


3 thoughts on “Strong like Bear

    • He’s quite funny. With each book, I would find myself in the position of having to close the book because I was laughing too hard to keep reading. I made the mistake of bringing one to class to read after an exam. I had to do the silent laugh until I cried, and then I had a coughing fit and had to leave.

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