10 miles to get back on that horse

I feel like all I do lately is get on here and tell you all how I’m in a funk. Probably because when I’m not feeling that way I’m out living my life instead of hiding behind a computer.


I haven’t done much running in the last few weeks. I think it has been 2, but we all know that numbers are arbitrary in my world, especially when related to the passage of time. New readers, my relationship with time has not evolved very far beyond the toddler sense of time: “now” and “not-now”.  My “not-now” can be subdivided into “not-now past” and “not-now future” but no more specific than that. It gives me a headache and I just don’t care. Hence the need for three planners…

Point being…uh…just a minute. I’m sure I had one…

Oh, yeah. I’ve been questioning my self adorned “RUNNER” label since, you know, one should actually run if one wants to be able to use that label. I have had no desire. I’m struggling with the fact that I’m averaging at least 2 minutes per mile slower than I was this time last year. I’m comparing runs of the same distance and my pace has fallen that much. I won’t lie. It’s frustrating. I should be getting faster not slower. I’m noticing signs of ITBS on my left. I now have a matching set of crappy knees. I type that with a smile on my face and a lighthearted tone because I know what to do and I’m not going to let it get bad like I did with my right knee. Clearly, I love my left knee better, but my right will be the first to go completely bionic, just as soon as insurance will cover elective joint replacement surgeries.

I need to pick up matching knee sleeves and get back out there. Today was an excellent start.

Exercise: 10 miles in the glorious February sun (quite possibly the best month Seattle has to offer). Later- doing the stretching thing for an hour until my hamstrings can not be mistaken for (exceedingly) oversized piano wires.


4 thoughts on “10 miles to get back on that horse

  1. Holy crap, 10 miles? You’re a rock star! And a runner, despite your doubt that you’re currently “earning” the title. It’s not a title and you don’t earn it – you just are. And you are, because you love it. And run despite your piano-wires-for-hamstrings.

    See you tomorrow!

    • Just a few more hours!! Also, thank you. I needed to hear/read that. Self-esteem is hovering around mid-calf height lately…

  2. NOOOOO, don’t say those dreadful letters ITBS!!! I hope for your sake that it’s not. Mine is feeling better every day, but I’m still not at 100% yet. Every time I think I am, I’m proven wrong.

    • That’s what my right side was like. It took me 10 weeks of almost completely not running to recover (I ran maybe 5 times in that whole stretch, including 2 5Ks with Val and Tara). Every time I thought it was good to go, it wasn’t. It’s definitely ITBS on the left. It is progressing exactly the way it did on my right, only I’m going to stop it before it gets worse. I feel like I’m fighting myself to be able to run. I partially blame the city because there are no sidewalks and the streets are so pitched that sometimes I think I might fall off. But. As for my part, I’ll be driving to some other neighborhood to run (the Alanis-irony of that actually hurts my soul), getting another knee sleeve (yay psychosomatic benefits!) and doubling the quality time I spend with my giant foam roller (UUUUUGGGGGHHHH).

      And possibly using the Force to make the mayor put in the damn sidewalks he promised this neighborhood before getting elected.

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