figuring this out

I’ve been doing a lot of research on what might be going on with my leg (instead of my homework, because I have my priorities).

Here is what I know: knee pain & nerve tingles from butt to my two smaller toes.

Possible cause(s): I may or may not have bursitis (trochanter) which is either caused by or aggravated by a too-tight IT band which is either caused by or aggravated by too-tight hamstrings, which may or may not be trying to over compensate for the fact that I seem to have weak adductors and gluteus medii, which are most definitely pinching my poor sciatic nerve (hence the numb toes).

Translation: I literally have a weak booty, particularly on my left side. And it is messing with all my stuff. ALL. MY. STUFF.

What it all boils down to: my booty needs to get stronger. A lot stronger. Soon. So far, I’m up to about 35 minutes of strengthening exercises and I’m trying for 15 minutes of foam rolling a day. There is also plenty of sitting on frozen bags of popcorn kernels (10 million times better than frozen peas as they don’t ever get soggy and are reusable until forever), a bit of hot water bottle time and some anti-inflammatories. It feels good to have a plan, but it will feel better when I can walk more than 40 steps without pain.

Can I get a little credit for not cracking jokes about turning my glutes into an asset rather than a liability? Please?


4 thoughts on “figuring this out

  1. Strengthen that booty UP!! I’m sorta dealing with the same thing(ish), and I’ve been booty strengthening obsessed. A good DVD that makes my bum tremble is Yoga Booty Ballet: Goddess Booty. It’s a 25 min long workout, and targets all angles of the butt. I found it used at a book store. Worth looking into.
    I hope your stuff heals soon for ya.

    • I’m definitely working on it! My right side has gotten a lot stronger since I learned the possible connection between weak-ass ass muscles and ITBS. Curses for it not having worked as well on the left side. I need to get the inflammation down first so that I don’t lose feeling in my calf & toes when I engage my glutes, and then I can make that medius my bitch. Blah.

  2. Lame, lame, lame. Sorry to hear about that weak booty of yours 😦

    I’ve been busy doing lots of stretching and strengthening exercises too. And spending LOTS of time with my foam roller! Here’s to us both healing up and getting strong butts!! πŸ™‚

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