Bikini Body Challenge

Josie (@YumYucky) has issued a bikini challenge. You know I love all things Russian and Soviet, but just take my word on this and don’t click through to her post. My vision went blurry in order to prevent total blindness.

The idea is to get yourself ready for a bikini/one piece/shorts & a tank top, instead of waiting until the fashion mags tell you to do so in late June. The challenge begins today and ends July 1st.

I’ll wear a bikini, but my goal is to wear it with confidence. So, here’s the before:


does this mirror make me look short?


Can I just say how tempting it was to take this while wearing heels? Night and day difference.

And for a little inspiration:


My calves don't have dents. Is that good or bad?

source: Manly Vegan.

Also, I only generally understand the writing if I don’t read the tech words.

Goal for this afternoon- a walk. Of some sort of distance. 1 mile? 2 miles? Around the block? Down to the corner and back?


8 thoughts on “Bikini Body Challenge

  1. How’d the walk go yesterday? I was snowed in at home, we live on a hill and we got dumped on! Now I’m waiting for the roads to THAW so I can go to work today because I have deadlines.

    That is a pretty damn cool tattoo, and I don’t have dents in my legs, either.

    • It was fine. I forgot how much I dislike being cold, so I didn’t go for long. The roads here are totally bare, but you probably already know that. πŸ™‚

    • I\’d like it to be more of a 55-minute glass shape. And I totally just spend 5 minutes doing the math for that to be accurate.

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