Today is the day that Irish people (and the Irish-for-the-day) the world over celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It is also a day of abundant and horribly wrong familiarization of the name Patrick.

Patrick is often shortened to the androgynous ‘Pat’ in this country. The more (traditional) Gaelic spelling of the name, Padraig*, can be shortened to ‘Paddy’.

Patrick is never shortened to ‘Patty’. PATRICK IS NEVER SHORTENED TO ‘PATTY’.

Patty is the familiar form of the name Patricia.

There is a St. Patricia and her feast day is August 25th. That bit goes in purple because it’s also my bestie’s birfday and she loves purple.

Today is March 17th. The feast day of St. Patrick. P.A.T.R.I.C.K. “Paddy” if you must, although regardless of your religious beliefs, it seems disrespectful to me to be calling a saint by a nickname. You don’t know him like that. None of us do.

To recap:

St. Patrick = “Paddy” = 3/17 = wearing green**

St. Patricia = “Patty” = 8/25 = wearing purple***, send gifts to Laura****

*That’s pronounced “Patrick”. Blame the English. They standardized spellings of Gaelic words and made things nigh on impossible to spell in hopes of killing the language. Turns out, legalizing it and making it a required language did more damage. Who’d a thunk it?

**This is an American thing. As is corned beef and cabbage. To my understanding green is considered an unlucky color in Ireland (although I don’t know how seriously it is taken).

***I made that up. But it sounds nice, so do it anyway.

****I didn’t make that up. You can send your birthday homage to me and I will make sure it all gets to Laura.  She likes purple, Audrey Hepburn, the Mariners and international travel. She hates cancer and works in autism research.


Disclaimer: I’m only partially Irish and not a bit Catholic. Knowledge is power, but only when you share it. So for the love of all that is holy/valuable/important to you, help others quit bastardizing St. Patrick’s name.


I’m going for a run this afternoon. Aiming for 2-3 miles. Woo. The excitement.


2 thoughts on “PSA

    • I’ve been watching Scrubs (from the beginning) and I think maybe I should have gone with a Dr. Cox inspired vlog. Next year!

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