same-old, same-old

For the most part, nothing new is going on around here. I do have a big blog post to write, but the sun has disappeared and it’s so hard to be motivated when the grey skies are back.

School started back up Monday. I might be taking the single stupidest class ever taught in the history of stupid classes. But I’m trying to keep an open mind about it (hence my use of the word might). Oh, well. All I have to do is get through the next 10 weeks without sending my professor any emails indicating what I think of the subject. Why so bent out of shape about this class? It is required to graduate and the subject matter was changed after registration. It’s all busy work; culminating with a short research paper, three essays (one bird, one four-legged animal, one plant), and a personal essay discussing an interaction I’ve had with nature. I shit you not. We’re studying Lewis & Clark as a means to teach us about how to be citizens in the Pacific Northwest. I can’t actually talk about it any more than that because I’m afraid my eye will start twitching again and it lasted for days the last time.

My other classes are blah: research methods of something and the cumulative history of whatever. Oh, and a psych seminar about brain trauma. I’m taking bets on how quickly the instructor starts talking about Phineas Gage. I’ve got my money on 20 minutes. Because apparently 1848 was the last time there was an interesting case of brain injury.

I’m going for a run this afternoon. It will be rainy, cold and totally awesome.


4 thoughts on “same-old, same-old

    • YES! I really need some Valerie in my life (read that to the tune of Mambo No. 5 and please never let that song pop into my head again).

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