At least for now. While I should be in Vancouver (the internationally known one, not the one on the Columbia River) with Meegan, Tara and Valerie, I did have a great day.


via: (I even wore a blue shirt & black capris)


First, I had an adventure with my mom and son. We went on a ferry ride, complicated by my mom’s complete inability to understand where the correct dock was, despite having grown up here and ridden that same route numerous times. I’m still laughing.

And I just got back from a run. The most amazing run I’ve had in months. It wasn’t particularly fast, my form wasn’t that great, my pace was all over the place. But here’s the thing; it was pain-free. No pain. Nothing hurt. No knee, no hip, no butt pain, no pinched nerves in my calf. I really don’t know if I should be writing about at all as I’ve probably doomed myself forever. Here is what’s funny (to me)- I was planning on running yesterday, but my knee hurt just walking around so I backed out.

I’m riding so high from this that I actually feel ambivalent about Lewis & Clark.



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