Celebrating Boston Monday

By the time you read this, I will be out running. I’ll be heading out my door just about the time the elite women will be crossing the start line in Boston. It is unintentionally symbolic. With all the hype that swirls around Boston, I’ll be celebrating with a very special run. What exactly makes this run so special?

I’m running:

Without my Garmin.

Without my Polar f4.

Without my Nike+.

Without my iPod.

Just to be clear, I do not run with more than two of those items at a time anyway.

But from here on out, my Mondays will be tech-free. The control-freak aspect of my personality will require me to run a route with which I am familiar, at least to start. And that’s okay.

So Mondays will now be my no pressure days.

Running for the pure joy of running.



Running for the pure joy of running.



Do you even remember that feeling?

Want to feel it again?


Join the movement! The idea evolved on Twitter, so if you are over there please use the tag #watchlessmonday so we know you’re participating. If you’re not, just blog about it and link back here so we can keep an informal tab on the group. By Watchless we mean sans electronics. By Monday we mean the first run of your week. Not so hard is it?

Check out what these instigators awesome runners are saying about it: David, Suzi and Brandon.


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