Family traditions


We borrowed one from a friend’s family. It’s simple – Thanksgiving in the spring. Only I won’t be here on the third Thursday of May. We’ll be doing a tiny family Thanksgiving on the 26th instead. To be honest, the tradition started because our friend’s mother found a frozen turkey in their chest freezer in mid May. Her logical conclusion was to do a Thanksgiving dinner. Awesome, right?

So I totally co-opted it. Feel free to do the same.

For us, it’s just an excuse to have friends and family over for a great meal and better company. Some day the weather here might be nice enough for it to be picnic style, outdoors in the sun. It’s like what I envision Thanksgiving would be like in Australia if they celebrated it. This year? Who knows. I bet it’s nice to live in a place where the weather in the morning will be the same weather in the evening (without cycling through 42 other weather patterns).

Thanksgiving has almost always been about the thanks and not food in my family. It was an unintentional turn, but a necessary one. I love recapturing those feelings of love and gratitude “out of season”. Because really, love and gratitude never go out of season.

So why not celebrate them this season?


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