Singin' the new shoes blues

New Balance was one of the sponsors of Fitbloggin’. They very generously gave all attendees a pair of shoes (choice of running or walking). The ladies’ running model provided was the 890. They broke up the colors according to shoe size: jumbo feet, normal feet, child-sized feet. Coincidentally, that’s also the rank order of attractiveness of color combinations. Can you tell where this is going?

The fourth color combination and the only one I would actually pay to wear.

I prefer a size 6, but they didn’t have anything smaller than a 6 1/2, which seems to work fine as the toe box is slightly more narrow than any of my other brands. Side note: my feet are wide for the length but I’ve never needed to buy wide shoes. Were I to buy NB, I would seriously consider it.

I wore the NB on Saturday as an attempt to start breaking them in. They aren’t particularly stiff, but I dislike blisters and do what I can to avoid them (simple, yes?). Saturday turned into a ~34 hour extravaganza so I felt like I’d done plenty of walking in them, without any issues.

Flash forward to Tuesday afternoon. My plan involved nothing longer than about 3 miles so I figured I’d test out the new shoes.


My legs were heavy, which I expected from lack of foam rolling over the weekend. What I did not expect was the pulling in my shins. In.tense. I haven’t had shin splints since I was a kid and still did that stomp-run that all kids seem to do.

Sad panda face.

I don’t know anyone who runs regularly in NB, nor did I have any control over the style choice. My expectations were not high, simply because running shoes are extremely personal. It would be like someone else choosing my bras. Or for a more gender neutral analogy, toilet paper. Those are all way too intimate of products for someone else to choose them for you. Please tell me I’m not the only one this neurotic about shoes, under garments and tp.

I can’t say I hate the shoes as I’ve only run 3 miles in them. I can and will say that I dislike the red dots on the insoles bleeding all over my socks.  I will probably test them again, but for now I seem to have acquired a new pair of walking shoes in an ugly color.

So New Balance, maybe next time a simple voucher for a pair in a limited number of styles might be the way to go. While I appreciate the generosity involved, feet are not one size/style fits all. The last thing I need are shoes that aren’t right for me and have the potential to do more damage than good.


4 thoughts on “Singin' the new shoes blues

  1. I believe your jumbo and normal are reversed lol. Alicia had that teal and wears a 12 and my friends around size 9 at the black/purple. I love how we all realized how color was based on size. I did not see anyone with your color.. well until now. So great meeting you this past weekend!

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