Remember my Thanksgiving in Spring post? No? Go read. I’ll wait.
Ah, you’re back! Let us commence with the thanking. Never mind that it’s Monday and we didn’t do Thanksgiving until Sunday. This is how life works.
  • for sunny days; in a city where we see an average of 200 days a year with cloud cover you really appreciate a break in the skies
  • for the first boy who told me I was beautiful and wasn’t looking for anything in return
  • for art; the curative properties it inherently possesses are a constant balm
  • for friends, family and virtual strangers for believing in me when I am unsure
  • the shuffle feature on my iPod, which most frequently disappoints me (and reminds me of songs I want to remove) but occasionally plays something so *perfect* for the moment that it takes my breath away
  • for the ability to learn from my mistakes, as frequent and varied as they may be
  • for having reached a place where I know who I am and despite the fact that there is always room for improvement, to be generally happy with who I am
  • for the ability to feel so connected to people and places, regardless of distances
  • for Twista rapping fast enough that I can still listen to him when my 5 year old is in the room, although I do not believe this will last for much longer
  • for the defining moments; good and bad
  • for the ability to experience the joy of discovery through my son’s eyes
  • for being able to find at least a little truth everywhere I look
  • for people much more wise than I, who are capable of expressing my thoughts and feelings when I have no words
  • for the ability to connect with strangers virtually
  • for the pseudo sense of control that using a planner gives me
  • for other people who remember random details or events that occurred 20 some odd years ago, so that I don’t have to drive myself crazy thinking I made up memories
  • for having learned to ask for help when I need it, at least some of the time, and knowing that I could ask for help any time I need it and actually receive it
  • for the courage to pursue opportunities
  • for opportunities presented and made
  • for perspective
  • for being reminded that the best option is to laugh when things work out unexpectedly
  • for my scars for reminding me where I’ve been
  • for you, because you “get it”


I would be remiss to not direct a massive thank you to those who have served and are serving in the armed forces. I come from a military family (all branches) and politics aside, I have an immense amount of respect for military personnel. A big shout out to my cousin Mike, a career Jarhead, and the only active duty family member.


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