Life is short and I hate cancer.

Go hug someone you love. Shake hands with someone you tolerate. Forgive someone you hate.

The thing with grief is that the world doesn’t stop to grieve with you. The world doesn’t care about your personal tragedies.

Time inconsiderately marches on, that big wheel keeps on turning… It keeps turning, the clock keeps ticking no matter how much you wish everything would freeze so that you can mourn as long as you need, uninterrupted.

So love as much as you can stand, as often as you can and then some, for as long as you get.


Theresa L. Dunbar


9 thoughts on “Life is short and I hate cancer.

    • Thank you. It wasn’t entirely unexpected- six years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. Every extra day was a blessing. While I will miss her terribly, I’m glad she’s no longer in pain.

  1. I just found this site in googling Terri’s name. I’m Marilyn. I met Terri when we were but younguns in college (she age 18, I age 19). We became best friends over the years. Became out of touch for a few years now and then due to raising kids, full-time jobs, medical issues… It was very nice reading your blog. For the past year or so, Terri and I had weekly visits to catch up and continue our friendship. As it turned out, we had both been thinking about each other a lot at the same time wondering how to get into contact. I found her address card, emailed her at work, she got back to me just 15 minutes later. We then resumed our friendship as if it had never been interrupted.

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