weekend debate-wedding style

I’ve decided on a new blog feature.

I will put forth the greatest debate of my week and you get to solve it! Genius, right?

Wedding season is upon us. For some reason, all four of the couples we know getting married this summer are getting married in September. Unfortunately, two picked the same day and time. (Sort of.)

Couple A: We have known for well over a year that they were getting married September 2011. We love them like family. Better than some family (this becomes relevant in a few sentences). We got a save the date from them in January claiming their date. Then we got the actual invitation some time between the end of March and the middle of May. I cannot be more specific than that, and frankly it’s a miracle I can pin it down to those 6-7 weeks. It’s also not exactly pertinent.

Enter Couple B. They have been on-again-off-again/long distance for years. They were only off-again because the long distance thing was hard (duh). They’ve always loved each other and honestly seem made for each other *cough* backhanded compliment *cough*. They got engaged in February. We just got an invitation to their reception a few days ago, because they are having a destination wedding and we’re not invited.


Here’s the only hang up: Couple B is family. Not immediate family, but close family. Just close enough to see regularly throughout the year and just distant enough to resent our absence.

We need to be in two places, a roughly 45 minute drive between them, at exactly the same time.




4 thoughts on “weekend debate-wedding style

    • Because I cannot seem to edit my posts properly. I had the descriptions mixed up. No more middle of the night blog writing for me!

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