barefoot running

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Am I the only one who didn’t come away from Born to Run with the desire to go barefoot or nearly barefoot? I thought the emphasis was about mechanics not footwear. And really, the most fascinating part for me was the bio-anthropological discussion of the fact that we evolved as a RUNNING species.

Blinking fascinating stuff!

But take that with a grain of this-gal-is-applying-to-grad-school-in-anthropology-salt. That’s a custom blend, so you won’t find it on the shelves. That section hit me deeply enough that I’m still debating sociocultural or bio anthropology. The book left me with zero desire to go barefoot. Which is equal to the amount of desire I had before hand. Convenient, I think.

Don’t get me wrong, I love running barefoot through grass or on the beach. BUT. Our barefoot ancestors weren’t running on pavement. That ish is BONE-JARRING, no matter which bones you land on. And being that I live in Seattle (and I do mean in the city, not that it is the closest city with national name recognition)… pavement is the default setting for running. I run trails as often as I can, but I don’t always have the 45-90 minutes (traffic depending) it takes to get to some of them.

Also? I’m something of a germaphobe with a slight hypochondriac streak (See how I self-diagnose? This is why psychology was never an option for me, let alone real medicine). The idea of taking my shoes off and running on pavement makes me hyperventilate. I’m just vain enough that I want my feet to look like human feet, not Australopithecus feet. And the minimalist shoes I have tried haven’t been that great of an experience. Granted, I’ve tried one brand and that brand is not known for its minimalist shoes. I might try another pair by a different company at some time in the future, but who knows.

As a species were we designed to be barefoot? Yeah. Otherwise we’d have hooves. Does barefoot/minimalist running work for some people? OF COURSE. Does that mean it’s right for everyone? Don’t be stupid. Nothing is right for everyone. Do I care what you run/walk in? Not a bit. Only, don’t try to convince me that what works for you will work for me, too.

And let’s not get me started on “toning” shoes.


How do you feel about minimalist shoes and barefoot running? Tried it? Want to try it?



2 thoughts on “barefoot running

  1. this is so true. I loved the book, but obviously it doesn’t translate for everyone. It did get me interested in minimalist shoes and I’ve really enjoyed those.
    Those toning shoes? good way for people to make $$!

    • The best review of the toning shoes I’ve heard is that they work as long as you’re walking.


      Wanna know what really works when you’re walking? WALKING.

      *Insert mega eye roll here*

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