Back in the Saddle

Metaphorically. As much as I would love a horse, my backyard is a little small. And I definitely don’t mean like a bike-saddle. I’m at peace with the fact that I am not a biker, and will never be one.


No, I mean the whole exercise thing. The spring was full of stress and I took probably the worst route that I could have, and I let my exercising get sporadic. Then there was that one race I had planned for this summer. Oh, speaking of that race, here’s a picture of my foot. It’s below the read more line, but I have no idea how that works in a reader… but it’s not that gross. I mean, it is a foot. You know exactly how gross you find feet. So anyway. Foot and the point of this post below the line.

four nails, which might become three.


So now that I only have nine nails (yeah, I’ve managed to work that into nearly every conversation I’ve had in the last 24 hours which is more than you might think as I had a hen party, art gallery opening, two dinner dates and an impromptu after party in a hotel lobby crammed in to my Saturday afternoon-night-Sunday early morning.

At the hen party I won a door prize for one of the games (actually, two and I’ve been wearing the sunglasses I won since I got up this morning. For some unknown reason, I’m finding light to be particularly piercing to my eyes/head/consciousness today) and got $25 in iTunes gift cards.


Now that we’ve come full circle, I need some new running music. My cooking/cleaning station* on Pandora tells me that I prefer music that has electronica influences, r&b influences, synthesizers (Don’t judge! I’m an 80s baby), house roots, four-on-the-floor beats, and according to one song that I loathe, emotional male vocals. What does that mean? I don’t know. I do know that I have Katy Perry and Lady Gaga on my mix already and that’s sort of the vein that I want to continue. But no BeyoncĂ©. Oh, and no Ke$ha. Her music has literally brought tears to my eyes (in the worst possible way) over the state of the music industry.

So with that astounding lack of useful background information, tell me what songs/artists I need to put on my running mix.


*cooking and cleaning are at least 80% dancing for you too, right?


One thought on “Back in the Saddle

  1. nothing says 80’s synthesizers better than JUMP! by VanHalen. at least not in terms of workout songs. i mean, YAZ was pretty synthed up, but i find them hard to workout to.
    or perhaps some Too Shy, by Kajaagoogoo.
    yep. that.
    nice toes.

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