Nothing much to say about today’s run. It wasn’t in that picture, but I wish it had been. I had a ‘run date’ with a twitter pal, which is probably the only that got me off the couch. Thankfully I went when I did, because it’s been raining pretty steadily since. Not that I don’t love running in the rain, but it’s also windy out there. I take that as a personal insult.

Autumn is usually an emotionally rough time for me. So far this year I’ve been doing well emotionally (not so hot with the string of illnesses). I feel like I’m getting closer to that point, though. I want to move out of the city. Which is strange, because I know that wouldn’t *really* change anything. And the city town collection of houses that I want to move to is not that far away. It’s the whole “patience” thing rearing its ugly head again.

I don’t know. I ran both ways on my little six inch wide dirt track and today it made me sad that it’s such a hassle to get to the woods. Although, I do love the fact that because I don’t have the trail memorized, the run seems a lot shorter now (except for the stupid wind). 

Also, it couldn’t have been in that picture because that photo was taken on a trail to the beach. It’s maybe 300 yards long. And that would be an extremely crappy run. 


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