I think my runs in the snow in my heavy trail shoes two weeks ago gave me shin splints. Because DOOOOOOD. My shins are sad when I run now. I never did get my long run in last weekend, but I managed half the distance. I probably could have done the other half later in the day, but damn it. I was with family that I haven’t seen in YEARS and so maybe I’m not really a runner because I’d rather sit at the table for an hour listening to The Keepers of Family Stories (aka my aunties) and laughing myself into a decent ab workout than slog miles on an icy path while still experiencing the effects of a head cold that settled in my lungs.*

Kanye shrug. 

Back on my game this week, though. 

*Good news being I think that the 1/2 long run might have been the catalyst to my recovery from said cold. 


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