We’re going to talk about amazing customer service for a minute (or as long as I feel like). 

I ordered a few cards from Banana Blossom Press about two weeks ago. One race congrats, one birthday, one go get ‘em tiger. Or at least that’s what I intended to order until the moment I sat down to order them and promptly forgot. Instead I ordered only two of them. It was a Saturday and I contacted the owner via Twitter to see if I could add a third card to my order, because I was assuming the order wouldn’t ship until Monday (and let’s face it, I really didn’t want to pay the extra shipping to order it separately). 

She was extremely helpful and quick to respond to my plea. 

The whole order did ship out Saturday, because it was in my mailbox on Tuesday (which is a miracle in and of itself based on my ongoing saga with the USPS in which items are never, ever delivered on time). 

I open the package to find my three cards, a t-shirt (which I LOVE), and a signed thank-you-for-your-order card. 

I admit, I cried a little. One, because Maria had clearly gone above and beyond on the customer service. Two, because I was sick and I crying is how I cope with everything when I’m not feeling well. 


Cards for runners by a runner. (Also cards for other fitness type folks but you know what I’m partial to out of all that.)



Local business. (To me, anyway. But since the internet shrinks the size of our worlds, it’s practically local to you, too)

Go and support. (Feel free to send me cards any time) 


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