Lake Sammamish Trail half recap

This was technically a race, but I was running it more as a training run. The gist of the day was: some rain, some mud, some wind, one foot in front of the other for a very flat 13.1 miles. 

I saw some bigger people running and it made me miss Tara something fierce. If you never get the chance to run with her in a race, you will have missed out. She talks to everyone, and it’s always excited words of encouragement. Especially when the other person is carrying extra pounds. Maybe it was the rain or the cloud cover or the fact that I’m tired of running alone, but I cried for half a mile before I got my shit together. 

At one point, I got cocky about my pace. I stupidly thought about a finishing goal. I paid for it around mile 7 when my right IT band started getting tighter with each step. 

I haven’t had IT band trouble in MONTHS. So of course 

of course 



it starts acting up today. I tried taking little walk and stretch breaks at the top of each mile, but in the end that made it hurt so much more when I started running again. 

I made the executive decision to keep moving in a running motion, regardless if I started getting passed by people walking. 

With less than two miles to go, I started chatting with another woman. We decided to stick together, though neither of us were sure we could maintain our current pace. Conversation was just what I needed to distract myself from myself.

Imagine my surprise when I discover that I’m running with my twitter friend Tiffany! We were somewhere past the 12 mile marker when we exchanged names and squealed like little kids. Having a buddy made all the difference.

We did maintain that pace. 

The difference between having ITBS flair up around mile 3 and mile 7? About 17 or 18 minutes off my road half PR. 

That goal time I set at mile 5? 

I hit it. 


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