chasing the dragon

It’s okay. I’m a Seattleite. I can compare anything I want to heroin use/abuse. 

I thought about this phrase a lot yesterday. My first trail run/race (my first trail race was also my first trail run) was amazing. It was THE.BEST.RACE. I’ve ever run. I pushed myself harder than I ever had or have since. It was intense. It was super challenging. It was magical.

It is my dragon. 

Every race will forever be compared to that one. Naturally, nothing will measure up completely. But that’s okay because races have highs and lows. Ohmygod!! The metaphors for life that I’m not gonna draw for you because you’re not an idjit!!!  

Any race I finish is a good one, and any race that I finish with a grin on my face is a great one. *This one ranks somewhere above great, as I was laughing within steps of crossing the finish line. Shout out to the lady that roared with me! I started late (almost 30 minutes) and passed at least 2 runners.  

I enjoy chasing my dragon and I will continue as long as my stupid legs will let me. And then some. Because let’s face it, I’ll always push past the point where my legs want me to stop because there are no bragging rights for giving in to screaming muscles. 

My only regret is not taking an ice bath yesterday. 


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