so why not test it all the time? 

My husband broke his tibia and fibula almost two weeks ago. Last Wednesday, he had a rod (actually a nail) placed inside his tibia, and four pins to hold it in place. 

We went in last Monday for the consultation appointment, and I made one of the most selfish requests of my life. The orthopedic surgeon said the surgery would require an overnight stay just so they could keep an eye on things. I told him I had a race on Saturday so we needed the surgery as early as possible. As I said this, Husband turned toward me, with pupils fully dilated as if I had just thrown him to the wolves. Big baby. Someone needs to sort out their priorities.

The surgeon rearranged his schedule and got my husband in a full day earlier than originally expected, just so I could run my race on Saturday.  

Husband works non-traditional hours, which include both Saturday and Sunday. Usually me running a race includes begging one set of grandparents or the other to take the child for an overnight. Which generally means I have to swoop him up on my drive home from any given race which also eliminates any chance of an actual recovery routine. 

Expected recovery time is in the 3-4 month range for this surgery. 

I will be squeezing as many races as I can out of this. 


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