I’m sincerely hoping that it’s never too late to start running again. 

My running pretty much ended with my last race report. 

I thought with my husband home (broken ankle/leg), I’d run all the time. 

Apparently, I’ve never met myself. 

Instead, I had my husband in my space for nearly four months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy to see him when he gets home after work. We live in a small house and I work from home. A little bit of preplanned distance does make this heart grow fonder. On one hand, I loved having so much time with him. On the other, never having alone time resulted in a lot of (mostly) low level anxiety for me. 

Which I soothed the instinctive way (with food). 

I gained weight. I have no idea how much, but I would guess in the 10lb range. My clothes were uncomfortable and my self esteem was suffering. 

I wasn’t ready to jump back into running. 

Instead, I’ve thrown myself into P90X. I’m in the midst of week 6. I’ve seen changes in endurance/strength and in inches (3.75” overall in the first 4 weeks). Most importantly, I feel good in my own skin again. 

Here’s my shout out to Alan, because I probably wouldn’t have made it through the first week without the daily texts. Thank you for that (and everything). 

I think about running most days, especially since it appears that autumn has arrived in Seattle. I’ll wait it out just a little longer as I’m currently experiencing the September Sniffles.

Plus a few more weeks of hearing ‘do your best and forget the rest’ certainly won’t hurt when I do finally get back outside to run. 

So there you go. Alive and exercising, if not running. 


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