today is the beginning of a new challenge that I signed myself up for…

also the beginning of why I should keep my big mouth shut

My new twitter pal, @300PoundsAndRunnin, has issued a burpee challenge. You can read all about it on his blog, but the gist is for 100 consecutive days, you (me) will perform as many burpees as that day number. 

Today is day one. Not so much of a challenge for me, but I imagine it won’t take me long to not really enjoy it (that means cry about it). But my mouth wrote the check and now my body has to cover it or I will forever be shamed. 

I’ve also jumped on the Gorilla Workout bandwagon because I just don’t have the mental patience for a round of p90x right now. 

Plus the running. And the more clean eating. I like it? No I do. Anything to be out of the slump that last year turned into. 

Gold star count:

  • +10 for finishing my run with a good kick
  • -4 because the kick was to avoid having to talk to a neighbor I don’t like
  • -3 for accidentally wearing my retired running shoes
  • +1 for foam rolling after

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