This is what has been going on in my neighborhood this weekend. (X)

I feel totally justified in my distrust of strangers who insist upon invading personal space bubbles. (For the record, the individual I blogged about earlier is not associated with these events- physical descriptions are not even close to matching on any of the cases.)

I’m angry about it. It shouldn’t be happening to any woman anywhere, but that it’s happening all around me, in such a short time frame is scary. And I don’t like feeling afraid in my city. That fear is being channeled into anger, because I find anger to be slightly more productive than fear. 

I am taking precautions. Probably the same precautions I should have been taking from the beginning, but better late than never. Running is something I do to mentally relax. I don’t want to spend my runs literally looking over my shoulder for the bad guy. 

I guess it’s time to find a local Krav Maga instructor. 


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