Running isn’t about weight loss for me. It’s simple math- running makes me hungry so I eat more. I think it took me a total of 3 runs to piece that together back in the day. 

That being said, if I don’t drop a few pounds I’ll never run as fast as I would like to. So I’ve been monitoring my food intake. I joined My Fitness Pal (like 2/3 of the rest of the world) in late January. It’s working for me, in more ways than one. For the first time in my life, I’m monitoring what I eat without it spiraling into an evaluation of self-worth (far and away more valuable than physical weight loss). I’m taking my supplements (yay fishy burps!). I’m drinking my water, which for me is really the key. I’m cross training. (I’m up to date on my 100 Days Of Burpees challenge, even if I forget to tweet about it!) I jumped back into running and I’m feeling really good. Today was my first double digit run since I ran the Tacoma Half in May to seal the deal on my Half Fanatics status. 

I’ve dropped about 1/3 of what I’d like to lose. Clothes are fitting better. My cheekbones are reemerging from squirrel cheeks. More telling than anything, my husband has noticed. This is the man who took a month to realize that my hair had gone from fire engine red to dark brown in the early days of our dating. I got tattoos down both sides of my ribs and it took him a full week to notice. So when he notices something enough to comment it’s a pretty big deal in my world. 

Kudos to athletic wear for being 99% lycra.  


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