Running is going.

I should be more enthusiastic about the fact that I’m averaging about 30 seconds per mile faster than when I jumped into things almost 5 weeks ago. 

I’m also experiencing calf pain, that is sometimes ankle pain and sometimes shin pain. Shin splints, Achilles BS, tendon or ligament nonsense… Who knows. 

My calves are starting to look like they were carved from marble and not just because of the lack of sun in these parts. That’s awesome. I love the muscle definition. The down side of that being my calves are starting to function like they’re carved from marble. I walk like a mummy every morning until my muscles warm up a bit. 

I’m attributing it to me not having a proper foam roller for my calves (the rolling pin works fine and I don’t know why I don’t use it more often). 

Possible contributing factors: the heinous slope of my neighborhood streets (no sidewalks) which I’m beginning to think is causing me to overpronate on one foot and underpronate on the other.  Also Husband is a reluctant masseur.

ETA: It’s the burpees. Today was a maybe run/maybe rest day that became a rest day because of time and fate. Did my burpees about 4 hours ago and am limping around the house now. Probably going to have to drop out of the challenge, but we’ll see. Still don’t know why one side is so much worse than the other. 


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