We’ve all head about the magical cadence of 180 OR MORE strides per minute. It’s so efficient. All the elite runners are doing it. It’s the most natural way to run and will help prevent injury. 

So like basically every other thing in the universe that is presented this way, I have ignored it. Please believe me when I say that I do NOT need one more thing in my life telling me that I don’t measure up to ‘good enough’. I don’t need another marker of fitness telling me that 2/3 of everyone else is better than me. I do not need to feel judged by numbers on a computer screen or Garmin that fail to take the complexities of ‘me’ into account.

But like I might have mentioned once or twice already, 2013 has a different feel to it. (Maybe it’s my strict regimen of vitamin D finally paying off?) I spent a few hours downloading different metronome apps yesterday. I had two requirements- it had to be free and it had to actually work, which is why it took so long. 

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, but I’m finding that to be a  difficult concept. I needed to get to an ATM so I decided two birds and tested my metronome by running there (and round trip was under 2 miles, so that totally still counts as a rest day). 


Didn’t feel any different than any other run. I’m doing something right? Gold star. 

(via X)


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