Race pictures have been posted. 

Another melodramatic sigh on my part. 

The first two I’m in are Sharla-as-background so automatically boring since they aren’t about ME. 

The one. Of me. Right near the end of the race. 

Never mind the look on my face (running into the sun does not produce flattering facial expressions). I’m 87% sure that both my feet were off the ground, but the photo is cropped so I can’t tell. 

Next time. 


Oh, did you want a race report?

  • Weather went from foggy to sunny and I wasn’t dressed for either
  • Kept telling myself to slow down so I didn’t burn out, but nothing doing 
  • Negative splits
  • PR 
  • 8 minutes faster than this race last year (previous PR; pancake flat course so it’s a great place to set em)
  • Rodger remains my favorite RD of all RDs

Many thanks to Woodinville Photos for the free race pictures! 


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