in today’s episode of slight oversharing…

Spring is here, but in a weird way. Spring like the TV version of it. Spring in Seattle usually means rain: sideways rain, diagonal rain, and if you’re really lucky, upside down rain. Also wind. From a minimum of two directions simultaneously, but usually it’s like walking around in a miniature hurricane, where the eye has a slightly smaller diameter than you. 

This year, we have Storybook Spring. 

Which is cool and everything, but I just got back from a run and my elbowpits are dripping sweat. That’s late July weather at the earliest and it’s barely April. 

In other news, I washed all my running clothes this morning and I air dry them, so surprise I had nothing to wear for this run. Scrounging around, I came up with a pair of shorts that I never wear because I’m not entirely comfortable with the lower curvature of my glutes being exposed to the world. And a tank that has a mysterious coffee ring stain on it (apparently I needed a coaster or something?). 

Anyway, I wore the shorts in public and since I survived to tell the tale and you’re here reading about it, clearly the world continues to turn. 


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