It’s not a problem, it’s a preference.

I just bought a third pair of pure flows. My first pair of (mostly) black running shoes. It’s just one step closer to fulfilling my dream of being a ninja. 

I’m torn between a few models of Altras, so my solution was more Brooks. Oh, well. They’ll be put to good use regardless.


I don’t really like plotting a route before I run, but for safety’s sake I pick a general direction and tell Husband before I leave. On Sunday I picked east. The freeway is a little over a mile east of us and crossing options are limited so I don’t often go that way. Husband jokingly asked if I was going to a town 145 miles away, on the other side of the Cascades. 

Damned if I didn’t spend my entire run trying to plot a route there, that wouldn’t involve me running on the shoulder of I-90. Mentally made it about half way until my knowledge of trails is exhausted. There are snakes on the other side of the mountains, so I’m not sure I would care to try it anyway. 


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