petty things

Remember 1000 years ago when I talked about getting a third pair of Brooks Pure Flows? 

Well, it’s about to be four. At least temporarily. 

That pair I ordered never showed up. My shoes made it to Seattle, then to a suburb for sorting and then 

Long story short, the company I bought the shoes from sent a second pair and then today I got an email from UPS saying they got their act together and are shipping the shoes from San Diego despite the fact that they were 15 miles from me yesterday

I don’t care. I did yesterday until about 11:30 when I heard the news, but 

The shoes I don’t even need are such a trivial thing. 

On a more positive note: 

I’m signing up for a trail race series. It’s gonna hurt like crazy since I haven’t even looked at a real trail since my Tiger Mountain trail half last April. 

I’m going to rearrange my schedule and try to get up into the mountains once a week-ish. I talk about doing this every few weeks, but less talk more action. This will be getting up at before the crack of dawn to eat breakfast and hit the road before traffic happens. And then to be back not too much after lunch time (normal human lunch time, not Sharla lunch time which would optimally be 3-4 pm).


This is a plan. 


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