Tara posted a reminder to health and fitness bloggers that it’s important for us to keep blogging even when things are stalled or back sliding.


It’s only taken me 3 weeks of thinking about, but hey guess what? I had a back slide.

I was having some serious calf/shin issues going on and I took a week off to rest and heal.

Then it was moving week. While I didn’t run an inch, I was walking about 5 miles a day, and doing plenty of heavy lifting of boxes of stuff I’m sure we don’t need (and didn’t I throw that away the last time we moved?)

Then it was a bad habit. 

But I’m tired of feeling guilty for not running and subsequently not blogging. (Geez, guys, quit pressuring me all the time!)

Today more or less, started off with what was going to be an easy, flat 4 miles. 

It rapidly became 5 miles, with the middle 2 being hill repeats. 

I did 8 consecutive streets, with the first being the steepest hill, down to the last two which barely pass for hills in Seattle. 

  1. 12.8% grade 
  2. 10.9%
  3. 8.5%
  4. 7.8%
  5. 7.9%
  6. 9.3% (I feel justified in what I tell you next after calculating this)
  7. 6.7%
  8. 5.8% (see? that’s like a bump in the road around here)

Highlight of the run:

Reaching hill #6, which had a nice gradual climb before a sudden sharp climb. Looking up about 1/3 of the way up the hill and saying out loud ‘oh shit’ before charging on. 

I LOVE hills. 

More posts to come. 



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