I spontaneously registered for a 5K on Friday evening. I’m looking forward to it, since I’ve run it before and the weather will be perfect (Seattle late spring perfect in the low 70s, not my 45 and sprinkling definition of perfect race weather but close enough I guess).

Send all your allergy-free thoughts my way, because I need them. This week has been the opening of grass season and I’m paying in spades for the last 10 years being mild (at least for me). 

I’m really enjoying creating new running routes at this house. Two directions involve steep climbs from the end of my block. South is much more intimidating than west, but west is no joke. North is a slow, gradual hill that looks nearly flat but you can tell it isn’t based on effort. East is a park which I will get more use out of once the weather turns cold again and all the people go away. If I skirt the park there is long flat route I can take or yay! more hills. 

Tonight, I’ll be celebrating National Running Day with a 10K starting with a giant hill. 


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