This is the image of the race shirt. Yes, there is a statue of Lenin in Fremont. It’s as glorious as you might imagine. Unfortunately, the shirts are GINORMOUS so it fits Husband and not me. Until I take my scissors and sewing machine to it. 

I love this 5K. I never spend any time in this neighborhood because the parking situation is atrocious, but note to self, it’s a fun place to run.

I had a time goal in mind for this race. But I also wanted to have fun. I mean, come on. It’s a Friday evening 5K. You just can’t take that too seriously. So I did the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my racing career: I left my garmin at home. Intentionally. I stopped, took it off my wrist, and then walked out the door. I run without it maybe 1/3 of my regular runs, but I haven’t raced without it since I bought it. 


A goal: meet my time goal and have fun doing it

B goal: PR and have fun doing it

Definitely met my B goal. And I was a measly 15 seconds from my time goal. 

This is where I would normally drop into a self loathing examination of what I did wrong (eating nothing but kettle corn for the entire day before a race is neither a healthy nor wise decision, wasn’t as hydrated as I should have been, should have gone with shorts over capris because it was so warm, if I’d worn my garmin I would have known how close I was and I easily could have pushed for those 15 seconds)

but I’m not doing that. I haven’t been training for speed. At all. I shaved 1:16 off my previous 5K PR and I’m pretty very happy about that. 

More importantly, I want to race again. So excuse me, but I have hours to waste over at gametiime plotting my imaginary race schedule for the rest of the year. 

tl; dr: missed time goal by xx:15, but PR’d. Happy about it. 


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