No trick of the light, it really does glow. 

So this is a thing I did on Tuesday the 11th. 

I made plans months and months (a year?) ago to run a marathon this coming weekend (6/22) with Brandon

It was going to be a week or so family vacation conveniently built around my race. 

Then family stuff came up and it was going to be a 3 day solo trip.

Then family stuff proved to be serious enough that I am not getting on a plane on Friday, but instead will spend the time trying to hold down the fort. 

What’s the point of continuing a training program when you can’t make your goal race? The RnR Seattle marathon happens to be the same weekend but there is no part of me that is willing to drop $140 for a marathon. It’s the same principle that stops me from running more 5Ks because $10 per mile? No.

 So throw in the towel on my training or just go run the miles? 

It’s not even a question. 

I gave myself a moderately hilly route because this is Seattle and hills are unavoidable and *gasp* I love running uphill. It was grossly muggy which turned into rain that was just this side of frozen in my last 3 or so miles. Or at least that’s how it felt in a tank and shorts. 

I absolutely thought about bagging it after the first 10. I mean, I didn’t tell anybody about this plan. There was no one for me to feel guilty in telling that I didn’t make my goal. So I ran through any and every excuse I could think of, as I continued running. But I decided that lying to myself was going to be a worse punishment than any physical aches that I knew were coming since my running has been spotty for the last few weeks. Never mind that I’d never run anything farther than 16 miles.

In the end, this is the most “me” way of covering this distance. The story of my life is wanting to do something, letting it get too big and scary in my head, false starts, giving up temporarily, and finally jumping in with both feet not entirely prepared. 


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