Fitbloggin recaps are coming

I will be keeping mine short and sweet (lies! lies!!), but probably there will be multiple posts. For starters, I had an amazing time. I am so much more comfortable with myself this year than in 2011, and I really didn’t feel very awkward at all. My weekend was a comedy of errors from the beginning, but it was fantastic. 

It all started with finding out as I was trying to get my seat assignment that I bought my train ticket for the 20th and not the 27th, when I actually needed to travel. 

The Amtrak employee instantly blamed people within the organization (“they” messed it up), but let’s be real here- we all know the concept of calendars is hovering somewhere in the horizon, perpetually beyond my grasp. I’m pretty sure this was one of those situations where I kept adding the tickets to my basket, getting interrupted, and having to start over again. I had visions of having to tweet Roni to get someone else to cover my liveblogging session of the offsite farm tour while I would have to spend the night sleeping on a bench in King St. Station. (Because it would be impossible for me to call my husband to come and get me, or even just get on a city bus to get home and get my car to make the drive?!) 

I offered to pay the difference in ticket prices, but the incredibly kind conductor got me on the train anyway. (I am heading down to the station Tuesday or Wednesday to drop off a thank you card.)

I got to Portland with no more issues, met up with my roommate Kari and made the walk to the hotel, before hopping on a tour bus to head back into Washington to tour the Trout Lake Farm site. I was the official live-blogger, so whenever that post goes live I will link it up here. 

I love the rural highways in the PNW, and it’s always a special treat to get to see your home (Cascadia) through the eyes of non-locals. But next time, y’all don’t need to pack quite so much heat when you come out here. 


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