I interrupt my chaotic and difficult to follow train of thought re: Fitbloggin’ to bring you this beautiful masterpiece via MS Paint.

On the list of annoying things non-runners say to runners, this seems to rank in the top two (the other being some variation of how running is going to destroy your knees). 

But actually, I think this one is a healthy reminder. (The other one will very likely get you a “I didn’t know you went to med school” reply.)


There are “normal” people out there. There are humans that have no idea what the drop of their shoes might be, or even why that might matter. There are people out there that have hamstrings that are actually flexible. There are people who do NOT tweet about their poop. (Take as long as you need to process that last one, I know it’s a shocking piece of information.)

Yes, it’s sort of annoying to have to tell the same person over and over again what a particular distance is. While there is no excuse for Americans to not recognize ‘kilometer’ as a measure of distance, it’s perfectly fine to not be able to convert that to miles in your head. 

But then sometimes the nonrunner will surprise you. 

In June, I set a new PR in the 5K. I do not like to open conversations with how I did in a race, so when I told my parents I had raced Friday night I expected a follow up question. I mean, seriously. They are my parents. I expect them to pretend to care even if they don’t (LEGO Ninjago or Chima anyone?), but no. Not a single question.

A week later I asked them to check out my new bumper sticker (it’s a few posts down the page if you’re curious), assuming I would have to explain the significance.


My non-running parents got it. So did my non-running neighbors who noticed the new sticker all on their own. Talk about warm fuzzies. 

Embrace the nonrunners. We should be kept humble about our sport and our accomplishments. 


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