I’m proud member of this tribe. I still remember the sense of ‘oh, thank Garmin!’ when I found out that Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea were writing a book for mother runners. They were far and away my favorite Runner’s World contributing authors and I was ready to leave the magazine and it’s two dozen rotating articles behind for good. 

Run Like a Mother spawned the website, and eventually developed into a follow up book, Train Like a Mother. Two books feels incomplete and there just isn’t enough neon on my bookshelves, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a third. 

Today’s AMR newsletter  was a check in on New Year’s goals. Weird, since I sure it’s only the beginning of March…

But okay.

1. Run naked- no tech gear, folks. No one is going nudist. This is done and done. When I first started running I thought there was no way I would ever do it without music. I’ve been running without music for a few months now. First the iPod died, then when I got a replacement my earbuds went on a deep sea diving excursion in the fish tank (post coming eventually on that). I ran my solo marathon without music. The garmin is harder to leave behind. But I raced without it in early June so that’s a huge deal to me.

2. Run a trail- this is hard to admit, but I haven’t been on a real trail this year. I say real trail because I did run a trail half in March, but the trail is one of those rail-to-road deals so it’s wide, totally flat, and paved. It’s not the street, but it’s definitely not a trail. I’m running my first trail 10K in August, though. I’m trying to decide between three in October and I’m eyeing another in November. #trail addict

3. Find a new route- I moved in April, so I’ve been doing a lot of trail blazing these last few months. 

4. When in pain, do not ignore it- I took a week off to rest some brand new shin splints. That one week spiraled into almost 5 weeks (illness, moving, just plain lazy), but the shins are fine now. Talk about turning over a new leaf. 

5. Don’t qualify your status as a runner- if you run, you are a runner, end of story. I’m there. I am a runner. 

6. Volunteer at one race minimum- mine is coming up later this month. Details in a future post.

7. Take it all in, for just one race- done and done. (check out the Fremont 5K recap somewhere down the page.) 

8. Set a numerical goal- I never did set a goal for this. I set off strong enough to hit 1000 miles in the year, but I don’t always actively track it and I have the memory of a goldfish, so who knows where I’m at for that. Let’s pretend that my distance race goals are the numbers we’re talking about here. 

9. Strength training- I have been SO GOOD about strength training since… September 2012. SO GOOD. And I like it. Need to finish this up so I can go do my strength training today…

10. Give yourself days off after racing- done. I like the chance to bask in victory. After my half in March, I needed the time off (hello, being improperly trained). 

11. Take the spawn(s) with you- the boy and I are participating in a virtual run this summer. I can’t wait to start this with him!

12. Ask a friend to run- uh, no. Nothing against anyone in my life, but I really prefer running alone. My mom is currently in Nicaragua, but when she gets back, we’re starting C25K. She’s been talking about wanting to do a 5K for ages, so surprise! we’re doing it. 

13. Go out even when you don’t feel like it- those crazy days where you just don’t have it in you, head out for a half mile and if that’s all you’ve got, turn around and head home. Or keep going. This has been pretty much every run for me since the end of April. 

.1- share the tribe-  


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