Year of Yes

I’m working on another half-baked idea. 

Not exactly. 

It’s pretty simple. 

I’m just not setting parameters for myself.* 

A year of yes instead of no. 

Love over fear.

Embracing rather than avoiding.

It’s been floating around my head for months. I kept telling myself I’d sit down and really think about it. Put together a well thought out plan for you all. But I am not a thinker. There are too many options and it exhausts me to even think about looking at them. Too many reasons to not push forward with anything because there are too many ways things will go wrong, fall apart, putter out. 

No, I am not a thinker. (Over-thinker? For sure)

I am a feeler. don’t stand too close

And this feels right. 

Without thinking through the consequences. 

Leaping before I look. 

Because it’s too easy to keep looking and start seeing boogeymen. 

The idea was to start this Year of Yes with my birthday (November), but why wait? It’s like the soft opening of the Cuban place down the street (think food truck in their parking lot while they continue converting the old gas station into a restaurant). This adventure has already begun, and it’s just going to get bigger and better as I go along.

Join me? 

*within reason. sorry kids, but there will be no skydiving. we’re stepping outside the comfort zone, not jumping out of planes. pushing the boundaries of my (seemingly endless) anxieties, not causing a massive coronary. 


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