It’s been one of those busy weeks, and this was supposed to be written and posted almost a week ago…

This is my face immediately after running around the house shrieking in excitement, because I had just done my first three unassisted pull ups. (Each pull up got its own victory lap around the house.)

A single unassisted pull up was my summer fitness goal. 

You know how you sometimes exceed a goal and you are SO PROUD OF YOURSELF that you temporarily feel as invincible as you did as a teenager? 

So then you’re all ‘if I can do X, it follows that I can do Y!’

But then it turns out that just because you can now do a couple of pull ups you can’t actually do handstands. 

Yeah, I’ve never had that experience either. 

In completely unrelated events, handstands are now at the top of my random fitness goals list. 


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