went for a bike ride

It went fine. My quads are definitely sore and tomorrow might be really painful to walk, but I had fun.  Some adjustments will have to be made, though. My bike is about 1-2″ too tall for me, which gives me the choice of growing my legs longer (I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years), learning to bike in platforms ( OH HELL NAW) or switching out my old-school, super padded seat for something less padded and modern. My bike is something of a beast.

fraternal twinsy!

It’s a 1960s Raleigh that looks just like this one, except mine is gun metal gray with a rack in the back and a basket in the front. And it has a tire pump attached (it doesn’t work and it doesn’t come off).  I now appreciate why Hubs was telling me that I wouldn’t want to commute with my bike. The thing is so heavy I’m not sure I want to move it when the time comes. I’m going to need a forklift. It definitely needs a tune-up (whatever that implies). The brakes weren’t instilling any confidence and Hubs said the tubes need to be replaced (more Martian speak). Once I feel confident on this thing, I’m definitely going to be looking for a lighter-weight bike for commuting (mayyyyybe) and for attempting a triathlon (dream big, right?).

It was a gorgeous morning, so naturally I forgot my camera. But, I do know where it is and the battery is charged. That’s pretty much a win in my book.

All in all it was a success, although I feel like I’m still not over my bike issues. Honestly,  I feel most like I just won survived the first round of Russian Roulette. Which is not particularly enjoyable. I’d like to just enjoy riding a bike. Someday. Soon.

Look what I came across when I was Googling bike images. I think I’d be a lot more into biking if mine looked like this:

Dreamy, isn't it?

I think I’d be way more into biking if mine was purple. Of course, that purple clashes with my purple helmet, so maybe it’s for the best that my bike is gray. It’s prettier than that brown one. Because once again, my priorities are clearly in need of some reorganization. 😉

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I adore them! They postpone bike rides, but they can’t stop runs. I’m hoping this is over by tomorrow morning, otherwise I’ll have to figure out how to ride a bike in the rain. I’m pretty sure it’s just like riding a bike when it’s not raining, but I have yet to determine the validity of that thought. Plus, let’s face that I haven’t ridden a bike since my age was in single digits, not counting stationary bikes since the risk of falling over is slight and the chance of getting hit by a car on a stationary is in the slim-to-freak-accident category. I would like the weather to be on my side when I attempt it again.

I did put my sweet running kicks on and went for a… run. Duh. 😉 It was everything I hoped it would be! Those shorts I was waiting on from Road Runner FINALLY showed (okay, it’s been a few days now). I gave them a try, and they are fantastic! The inseam did not once try to get too personal, and most importantly, they are purple. Okay, those are equally important factors. And probably an inseam that knows how to play it cool is most important. But I love me some purple! Someday I’ll break down the exercise related list of purple-y goodness. The waistband is totally black, though. Like, ohmygod!! *hair flip*


Sorry, apparently endorphins act as a time machine in my brain, taking me to a place I never was. Side note, the theme song from Fresh Prince of Bell-Air is playing at full volume in my brain. Classic.

Why such a good mood after such a soggy run?

  • I ran, for one thing
  • I love rainy runs
  • my knee didn’t hurt for a single step
  • I managed more than a mile

My goal was just a single mile, but I ended up doing almost 1.5 (that’s 2.29 km according to an online calculator). Old me would say “Who cares? You’ve gone a lot further.” To that I say: “Shut up. No one invited you to this blog. It’s half again as much as I did on my last run and the farthest I’ve gone in almost 4 weeks. So once again, may I remind you to please shut up. And why don’t you move out of the head space anyway? No room for negative space in a brain.”

I think I’m going to ride across the I-90 floating bridge tomorrow. Maybe Mt. Rainier will come out for a picture. 🙂

Time to go roll and ice my hamstrings before they realized I sneaked in a run.

April begins

It’s not raining, knock wood. My classes start Monday, so I’m a ball of nervous energy. I’m planning on a bike ride this afternoon, assuming the weather holds up. I’m half excited and half terrified. I don’t ride. I haven’t since elementary school and we had to do it. I am much more aware of my center of balance now than at 7. I feel about bikes the way some people do about horses. Totally intimidated, even though logically I know I am in charge. Just to clarify, I do not think the bike might eat me, which is something my mother has an irrational fear about horses, knowing full well that equines are devoted vegetarians.

I feel like April is going to bring big changes to my life. I’ve had this overwhelming sense of CHANGE IS COMING for months now, and all of a sudden it feels like CHANGE IS NOW. I have no idea what it is, but intuition says it’s good change. Which would be nice. It’s sort of funny, since I tend to be reluctant to change at all.

I’m debating getting a half sleeve done. I have so many ideas kicking around in my head that a partial sleeve is (maybe) the way to go. I’ve considered a full back, but I really like the idea of a half sleeve. Because when it comes down to it, I don’t really want dozens of small pieces. Or dozens of small pieces connected with smoke/waves. Now I’ve got something serious to think about during “study breaks”.

coulda gone better

But it could have gone worse. 32154913216846132168461 (read: 3) x-rays later, and dear old Doc isn’t sure. Can you hear that? It’s my eye twitching. He thinks I might have “irritated” some tendons or torn some cartilage. Oh, really? My tendons are irritated? Join the gee-dee crowd.

He did encourage me to start biking and walking, as long as there is no pain. Well, walking hurts. Anything over about 1/2 a mile causes me to hobble. Not great. He didn’t recommend a visit to a PT, but I’m going to get a foam roller and work on stretching out my leg muscles. If my tendons are irritated (the poor little dears), maybe that can help them chill the bleep out. He didn’t recommend anti-inflammatories which is good since I don’t like taking them anyway. Besides, RICE takes care of the pain faster than a little white pill, with the bonus being it doesn’t destroy the lining of my stomach.

Without even knowing how my knee will react to biking, I’m already daydreaming of doing the STP. Which of course, is a ridiculous idea. Biking is supposed to be a recovery plan and I’m thinking about riding 200 miles in 2 days.

Lord help me, because I have clearly lost my mind.


Horrible. No good. Very bad run. Actually, it wasn’t so awful, but something is wrong with my knee. Not in the usual aches and pains sort of way. It was about 1.75 miles in this morning and something popped. I didn’t hear it (thanks to Sublime being all x-rated in my eardrums and stuff) but I certainly felt it. I’ve had it wrapped all day and I’m icing it. From my position, I can see three possible causes:

  • Doing side lunges incorrectly
  • I tied my shoes differently today and it didn’t feel right
  • Karmic retribution for ordering a bike helmet yesterday

Logically, the first one is most likely the culprit. I had to go to pee and Jillian wouldn’t let me pause the dvd so I was not paying as much attention to my form as I should have. I’m superstitious so the second and third options are also viable in my mind. I don’t think it had anything to do with the path, but I am obviously no expert. I wasn’t able to get rid of it by stretching or walking. Changing my gate and pace did nothing to help. Just when I was ready to head home the pain vanished. And just when I exhaled my (preëmptive) sigh of relief, it started throbbing again. That continued for the rest of the run. Retrospectively, I should have gone straight home. But I am stubborn with a tendency towards being a hypochondriac. I really wanted to test it (in a gentle way) and see if I could run it out. I need to give myself time to analyze my pain to be able to judge if it’s actually something that is serious. The pain never got worse, so at least there’s that. Not that it tells me anything, really. It’s a little achy but as  soon as I start walking it eases up.

It’s frustrating since the point of me sticking to a training plan was to avoid injuries. This is a new one since the pain has always been on the outside of the joint and now it’s the inside. I’m just going to keep RICE-ing it and avoid medical websites since I’ll end up self-diagnosing something bizarre.  If it doesn’t feel better in the morning, I’ll think of something . I’ll be thinking healing, positive, sane thoughts while choking down a meal with the in-laws. God help me but I’m going to need wine.

But my helmet got here today and it’s beautiful! It’s all aubergine and lovely. Oh, happiness!