21 day challenge recap

The reason I started this blog was to hold myself responsible to a training plan because my natural inclination is to go balls to the wall, if you’ll excuse the phrase. That only results in one thing: injury. I have discovered that I really enjoy following a training plan and not feeling like I’m on the verge of death exhaustion after every. single. run. So did I apply that new knowledge when choosing a healthy habit for the challenge? OF COURSE NOT. Apparently, I really like to learn the same lessons on average 6-8 times before I really trust that they are true. Just because something holds true in one aspect of my life doesn’t mean it will in others, or so I seem to think. Let’s just say that my next habit-change will involve only changing one habit at a time. Maybe that should be my challenge?


  • get up at 6:30 during the week and 7:30 on the weekends
  • make my bed as soon as I’m out of it
  • drink my water every day
  • eat vegetarian meals a majority of the week
  • no personal computer time until after my son goes to bed
  • try out the Project Glow routine, altered for my skin type

The first bullet was my original pledge. It worked really well for the first 5 days. After that, nature took over. I have never been, and never will be mistaken for a morning person. I did enjoy it while it lasted, but the only point in me getting up that early is to have ‘me’ time before Sweet Little Monster Napoleon ( he’s a little dictator, it makes perfect sense) wakes up. It took him 3 days to adjust to me waking up earlier before he was getting up even earlier. Live and learn. Someday I will be forced to get up early, but I’ve decided to enjoy what I’ve got while I’ve got it.

Making my bed. This was not something that was ever expected of me as a child.  Seriously. I don’t particularly enjoy doing it, but I love walking into my bedroom and it being neat and clean. This one has been super easy to stick with.  Now, if only I could get Hubs to put his dirty socks in the hamper…

I didn’t just fall off the water-drinking wagon when I hurt my knee. It was a swan dive off the 10 meter diving board that would have received a perfect score in the Olympic trials. It was a little hard to climb back up, but I’ve done it. I even got myself a new water bottle. (Yes, I bought something pink without my arm being twisted. Shocking I know.) I feel so much better when I drink my water. I’m not sure why it’s ever an issue for me to do it, but sometimes it is.

Not only have I been eating a majority of my meals meat-free, I’ve gone veg. I’m not going to get on a high horse and preach about the evils of meat-eating ways. Because I don’t care what you eat. And I mean that in a caring way. You do what works for you, and I’ll do the same. The fact is, I feel better mentally and physically since I’ve made the change. I won’t lie- it takes a lot more planning than I’m used to, but I really like veggies (except you, Celery, you taste disgusting) and I really, really like trying new recipes. I still allow the occasional egg in my diet and cheese… well, cheese will probably always be part of my diet. I do know that I need to cut back on the amount that I eat and I actually have done that. I don’t feel like I’m denying myself anything. I’ve lost 11 pounds since dropping meat and reducing my blood-cheese levels. That tells me this is working.

Computer time. Epic fail. It lasted a little longer than the early mornings, but not much past that. In fact, I’m writing this post instead of writing the paper I need to finish for class tonight. Sigh. I have been pretty good about limiting it to “study breaks”, but it’s definitely something I need to work on.

I’ve followed a modified Project Glow plan, and I guess time will tell how it all works out. My skin is definitely less dry and more glow-y, but I’ve got a few blemishes that just will not leave. Before I started this routine, they would clear up within 3 days. Now it’s been more like 10 days and the trio is finally showing signs of vanishing. FINALLY. I’m loving the Green Monsters, too. I add in either blueberries and raspberries or strawberries and mango pieces. Delish! I usually make mine with breakfast and I’ve noticed that they keep me full for about 6 hours while breakfast alone only keeps me full for about two hours. As an added benefit, my iron levels are now in the “exceptionally good” category for a woman. How do I know that? I crossed an item off my April goals list on Monday! SUPAHSTAH!

Happy Earth Day!

Jillian Michaels

kicked my butt. Actually, she told me to kick myself in the butt  so I did. Literally. She is one tough lady. I Netflix-ed the 30 Day Shred dvd since I’m clearly in need of some motivation re: strength training. I need to get back to my push-up challenge as well. I think it’s been over a week since I’ve done any. o.O

I ordered a rockin’ bike helmet that will be here tomorrow, since it is currently just a couple hours south on I5. Two books I ordered from Amazon arrived today. One is this one which I desperately need in my life and the other is 4th book in a trilogy. You read that right. The first three came out years ago and say ‘book x of 3’ while this one just says ‘book 4 of the xxx series’. Classic! Nothing quite compares to a psychiatrist turned sci-fi/fantasy author.

But first… the lawn.

5 in the rain

It’s March in the beautiful PNW, which means Mother Nature is at her bipolar finest. I had actually forgotten how refreshing a run in the rain could be. There was a nice strong headwind at the start of my run, but it disappeared soon after. I took a new route (for the most part) and it was nice. Not too hilly, but no chance of being flat. It was supposed to be an easy run, but I have a hard time keeping a ‘conversational’ pace while running solo. I tried. Really, I did. Time to find a running partner or three. I’m getting so excited for the race on Sunday! Tomorrow is packet pick up and costume gathering time. 😀

I joined some new challenges at Nike+ but like usual it’s not registering my most recent run yet. Maybe this is Steve Jobs’ way of trying to get me to buy a new iPod? In terrifying news about my running capris, it appears UPS has misplaced them. Somewhere between here and Illinois. Note to self- just pay for shipping next time, Cheap-o. I really wasn’t expecting them to be here by Sunday, so I’m not too bummed out. Hopefully they will show up tomorrow while I’m out running errands.

The lovely (I’m quite sure!) Seattle Runner Girl had a recent post that has me thinking. The gist of it is, do something that scares you. Personally, I’m taking this in a baby steps sort of way. I will not be jumping out of or off of anything, sorry to disappoint. The thing is, I’ve experienced so many scary things life changing events in the last 9 or so months that I don’t know what I have left. Actually, I’m left with a litany of irrational fears. (Exaggerate? Moi? Never!) So today or maybe tomorrow I’m going to face one of those fears head on.

I’m going to eat a banana.

Go ahead and laugh. It’s okay. I would laugh, too. I’m not exactly afraid of bananas. It’s more like the smell/texture makes me dry heave if I think about it too long. I don’t even drink smoothies because they always have bananas in them and then they smell and I can’t get past the banana smell! Banana flavored Runts however… but I digress. I even have a plan of action. Cut it in rounds and cut them in half. That way they can’t turn into banana paste in my mouth. *deep breath* I don’t plan on eating more than half since the bananas Hubs got are basically the size of my forearm. It’s like they all have a case of elephantiasis or one of those brain tumors on the pituitary gland that make people grow to enormous size. Ugh. But, much like my classes this coming quarter, I will reserve judgment (and even thinking about it) until it’s already started. Wish me luck!

all better

Yesterday’s bad mood is long gone! It was just a laid back cross training day. I’ve decided that I really don’t like push-ups, but I’ll stick out this challenge. I really prefer getting my exercise in midday, but I just didn’t get to it until late. I feel so powerful right now! Well, my arms sort of feel more like jello, but that’s not the point. 😉 My capris are on their way. Just in time for me to have to bust out my lined dead-of-winter pants, courtesy of the snow flurries I witnessed this afternoon. Oh, March. Just this once could you please make up your mind?

We spent the day checking out possible housing. I made Hubs laugh because I was (apparently) judging neighborhoods based solely on my ability to run in that area. A girl has to have priorities, right?

I also had a minor epiphany. I think a lot of my gloomy mood yesterday was based on the fact that I’m a little tired of every run being a hill work out. The fact is, I live in a hilly place. I’m just outside the foothills to some major mountains. Hills happen. I plan on running most of my races in this general geographic region, so why shouldn’t I be running hills? I’m so ready to do tomorrow’s fartlek!

I’m losing my train of thought and my show has started. Good night, loves!