new layout?

I’ve been bored with this one for ages, so I think I’ll update it sooner or later. Now that I’ve typed that out it probably won’t happen until September. Low priority, after all.

What do you think of re-evaluating goals/rewards? Is there a point where you say, ‘no, that goal is not realistic’ or once you set a goal do you chase it down even if it is looooooooooooooooooong, years away? Sigh. I’m thinking I’ll end up sticking to the original goal, but darn it if I don’t want to assign my reward to something else (read: something happening in the much more immediate future).

Running has taught me the benefit of delayed gratification, but I think there is only so much delay one person can take (read: not much for this one person).

Probable solution? A similar reward. Smaller because I will be meeting a smaller goal.

Do you ever get jealous of seeing people running when you aren’t/can’t, even though you’ve already run for the day? I have to find a new way to the Eastside. My current route takes me past Greenlake and darned if I don’t get insanely albeit momentarily, jealous of the people running. Nevermind that I already ran 4 miles this morning. I find that I tend to get light-headed if I go for more than two miles before I eat. I guess I get to take my crack with me on my AM runs! I like that my favorite flavor is on top in that picture.

Why not head over here and leave me a dollar? Do it now and you’re off the hook! Well, I’d love it if you’d spread the word since I think it would be awesome to have everyone donate a single dollar to meet the fundraising goal.


I got my packet of stuff from Sole Mates, so consider this your only warning before I start begging politely requesting your $1 donations and for you to spread the word to others.

My requirement: raise a minimum of $262 by 11/28. As always, the links are in my “causes” page and I’ll include them in each subsequent post.

There will be a few giveaways so stay tuned.

Val, this one’s for you

That teaser from a few days back?

*Deep breath*

I have registered with Sole Mates, which is the adult fundraising arm associated with Girls on the Run. I’m still a little confused about how things work, but apparently all I have to do is raise $262 for them. I think I want to do it fun this time and get $1 donations from 262 (+) people. But I’m not begging you for money just yet, so relax and read on.

What race will I be participating in after collecting all your $1 donations? I’m so glad you asked! I’ll be participating in the Seattle Marathon. THE SEATTLE MARATHON. They offer free training plans, but part of the incentive for the Seattle Marathon is an actual training group through Sole Mates.  This is where my understanding is shady, since I only emailed the local GOTR branch today about the details.

Now here’s the kicker, of sorts. I’ve been secretly lusting after running this marathon for the last few months. Hubs (the rational half of this marriage) thinks that I’ll be biting off more than I can run if I sign up for the run. He thinks I should register for the marathon walk. Part of me knows that he’s probably right. But the rest of me very slightly resents the implication that he doesn’t think I can do it. Because I already have those thoughts running through my head. Pretty much constantly and about every. single. aspect. of. my. life.

It will force me to really look at some training plans to see if this can work for me. But I’m not saying anything definitive anyway. Not yet, anyway.

But walking or running, I’m doing the Seattle Marathon 2010. When I’ve said that enough times to make it feel real I’ll let you know.

Ooh! I have two new purchases on their way to me. These and this. You know I’ll love them. Especially since I’ve lusted after them both for ages.

my challenge to you

I’m getting tired of using that word, to be honest. But I have one of my own, if all you Blogland lovelies will play along with me.

As you may or may not know, I’m participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in less than a month. I still have a way to go with meeting my personal goal, and my team’s goal is looking pretty far off. Which is where you come in.

In the vein of each comment equaling one minute, I propose the following:

  • $1 = 5 minutes of walking (no limit on this, other than the event is only 18 hours long)
  • $10 = 1 mile run (I’m capping this at 10.5 miles since that meets my personal goal and I’m not this guy)

What you get out of it:

  • the satisfaction of supporting cancer research (really, what more do you need? ;))
  • your name (and blog) plus the names of anyone you choose to honor on my shirt while I participate
  • you can pick your block of time/mile if you so wish
  • a photo of your name(s) when your time/distance starts
  • All contributors will be entered into a drawing for a little prize or two (to be determined)

I’ll even be packing the laptop and do some live-blogging if possible. Otherwise I’ll text updates to the Facebook page & I just set up a Twitter account ( @262milejourney if you’re interested) which I will probably not use very often. But who knows. I just might remember my password. 😉

So, click that first link and make a donation and spread the word!


Back to my regularly scheduled running blog. My running schedule has devolved into a once every third or fourth day sort of thing. It’s not working for me. I got hit with allergies in a major way over the weekend (Dogwood trees are a tool of Satan, that’s all there is to it) and it’s not fun running in that condition.  I did get out this morning, though! I only went for 20 minutes and I had goal for how much distance I would cover in that time. I was off by 1/4 mile and at first I was pretty bummed about it. But I did my whole run on the trails in the park today so that explains the difference.

I did something brave today. I wore my running skirt! I ordered it, and like usual, I was right in between sizes. So of course vanity beat out common sense and I ordered the smaller size. Which is right about when my knee/hamstrings started acting up. By the time the skirt got to me, I was well into my sedentary phase and me + skirt = not cute. Flash forward to today: I tried it on, it fit perfectly and kept my lower half from overheating on my run. It was great! It’s not my favorite color (but they don’t offer a solid purple skirt) so in the event that they have a color I love in a size I need and it’s on sale, I’d totally get another one.

I’m so excited for my GOTR training run on Thursday! I can’t wait to do it!! The weather has been so unpredictable lately (aka “April”), I’m not sure what I’ll end up wearing. I’m sure I’ll end up soaked no matter what. Oh, well. It will be a nice way to burn off some nervous tension about the test I’ll be taking that night (which I’m not actually worried about, but that causes me to worry… ISSUES).


I was planning on doing this run for my May race. Sadly, I don’t think I can manage it. There are two others that I’m considering as replacements. One is the Inspiring Hope (I’m leaning toward the 10K) and the other is the Rhody Run (12K). Maybe I’ll just go crazy and do them both. 😉