gold in them thar hills

I had a running date with Tara and Val last night. We ended up running hill repeats. At the time, I really wasn’t that into it. On the walk back to our cars, my legs were really not happy about it. But. As Tara said, “I could have gone one more time.” Me too, T. But I would like to sincerely thank you for not saying that immediately after we finished our 10th repeat. Because, in that moment, I was unsure if my legs would carry me back to the car or not. Currently, I don’t feel like I ran at all but we’ll see how I feel after I tackle my 4.5 on the menu for today.

Things I have learned this week:

  • I really like running with at least one other person (I really didn’t until I started running with Val, so maybe it’s just her 😉 )
  • Running hills makes me feel like a badass

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Recap: I am raising funds as a member of Sole Mates. The funds support Girls on the Run, which is all about teaching pre-adolescent girls self-esteem with the goal of avoiding dangerous, at-risk behaviors once they hit their teen years. I’m capping off my fundraising by running my first marathon!!

Do you know who else has joined Sole Mates? That’s right: Caitlin the wonder woman behind Operation Beautiful (and her personal blog, Healthy Tipping Point).

In case you didn’t know, the Operation Beautiful book has just launched! I believe that the mission of Operation Beautiful is a perfect compliment to the mission of Girls on the Run. Nothing is more important than to love yourself as you are in this very moment, at every moment.

On to the more exciting half of this post:

I'm giving away a copy!

The details: because the fundraising minimum is on the small side ($262), I wanted to make it more of a challenge for myself. My personal goal is to receive donations from 262 different people. That works out to only needing $1 per person to meet my goal. Currently, I’m still in need of another 257 people to participate!

What I need you to do: head over to my personal fundraising page, and donate $1. Then leave me a comment here so that I can include you in the drawing (I’ll be using (extra entries for following me on Twitter (@262milejourney) and Facebook (a journey of 26.2 miles begins with a blog) but you have to come back here and tell me you did it, separate posts for everything please)

The rest of the details: Giveaway will end…. Sunday, August 22 at 10pm my time (Pacific).

Many thanks in advance!


Did you see Jack’s post? I’m betting that’s why you’re here, so look around and leave me a comment so we can get to know each other!

That’s me. 🙂  I feel famous! Or maybe it’s infamous by association…

Regardless, I’m just gonna post my WIDTH pictures since my stupid paper hasn’t finished writing itself. As Stephanie used to say, ‘How rude!’

ETA: forgot to add the last picture the first time. Oops!

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