Hot yoga. Well. Let’s preface this by saying that in the past, I took a beginning yoga class that started at 7 am, which at the time required me to get up at 5:30 to get on the bus to be there on time. That was 8 years ago and I was less of a morning person then than I am today. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to class very often. I’ve always prided myself on being fairly flexible. That held true right up until I started running regularly. NOTE TO SELF: TRY STRETCHING AFTER A RUN. My hamstrings might as well be carved out of marble these days. That analogy isn’t supposed to reference my skin color, but in this case I suppose it covers both my epidermal pigmentation and my current flexibility status.

The run was nice. It really helps me to run with someone because I have this belief that everyone and their grandmother has a better concept of pacing than I do. So far, it holds true. It’s especially nice since my latest pair of headphones crapped out on Sunday. You might not remember this, but I bought them to replace the ones that Napoleon used to test out the sharpness of his scissors. Cute, right? Yeah. I’m beginning to think I should get a mid-range pair instead of the cheap ones. I can’t in good conscience spend $$ on a pair as I’m not sure that the scissor-testing phase is over yet.

Yoga. What can I say? What did I learn? It’s freaking hot. Like 110 degrees F in a room. My left side is considerably weaker than my right, at least regarding balance. My back has no flexibility, and my right hamstring actually seized up a few hours after class. BUT. I had so much fun doing it! It was almost always challenging, but never impossible. Okay, maybe that one pose which involved balancing on my weak left foot and extending my right leg as far as it would go in front of me (spoiler alert: not very far) was darned near impossible. BUT. I’ll be able to do it better the next time I go. Which might be this Friday after my psychology seminar. That will be a good way to swing into my super crazy weekend! And I’ll be doing it Monday morning, too.

I’m making my shirt with all the names today for the Relay event. Right after I hang 90000 (read: 10) curtains. After I install all the curtain rods. I’m typing that with a grin on my face because I love checking things off my mental ‘to do’ list.

Remember that teaser I posted a while back? All will be revealed later this week. 😉

hey, guess what?

I have a running date tomorrow morning!! It’s with a woman in a couple of my classes. We started talking about shoes (of course) and I said how I get most of my shoes from the kids department (boys, not girls) because the sizes fit & they have better colors (aka NO STUPID PINK). Then she said, “but what about running shoes?” My brain was all, ‘but how do you know I run?!?!?!’ Seriously, it was a warm and fuzzy feeling being identified as a runner in street clothes. It still is. She also happens to be a hot yoga devotee, so I just might be joining her after the run for a pretzel baking hot yoga session. It’s all very exciting! I can’t even wait for this weekend!! CRAZAY BUSY!!! Life is good, though. I’d rather be busy than bored. Still trying to work out the gym membership thing. Gotta get Napoleon into a daycare & get a part-time job. Which I can’t even begin to explain how happy I will be to do that. But that’s another story.

Monday plan: Greenlake at 8 am, followed by hot yoga (I keep typing ‘yoda’ and I’m not even that big of a Star Wars fan…)

I got the cutest thank you letter from my Little Buddy the other day. I CAN’T WAIT for the 5k on Saturday!!

What are your plans for the week? Big weekend plans?