an off day?*

Whah? I keep looking around me, feeling like I need to be doing something. Not that the house work isn’t piling up around me, but I’d rather run and I need to work on my paper for next Thursday. So I came up with the compromise of sitting on  my behind, drinking coffee and blog surfing. Perfect, no?

Any must read blogs that I’m not reading? (hint: probably most of the good ones)

My knee was aching yesterday. My brain can’t calculate mileage, but my knee is very conscious of exactly how far we’re going. It’s the same old tight hamstrings/irritated IT band thing. Nothing a little ice and some foam rolling couldn’t handle, but from here on out I’m sticking to the plan. No matter how silly it feels to walk half way around the Bog to get back to my car. The reason I’ve never made it to the starting line of a half marathon before is because I chronically try to go too far and/or too fast. No more of this. Yes, I have time goals. No, I do not need to meet/beat them in my first half. Although I guess I’m now supposed to call it a Pikermi. If you’re not going to read the link, Pikermi (apparently pronounced pee-KER-mee) is a town that was pretty much at the halfway between Athens and Marathon. I like it, so let’s role with that.

*By off day, I really mean I’m scheduled for a cross-training day that will inevitably become a full on rest day. Unless working on my self-control can be considered cross-training. We’re having dinner with my parents & my brother and new sister-in-law before they head back to Houston tomorrow morning. Sounds great, right? It will be. Except that we’re going out for pizza. Even though this pizza has minimal crust, it will still contain starch. I did so well at the pancake place yesterday, but I don’t know how well I can handle this one.

I’ve decided that my reward for completing my Pikermi is a gym membership. My arms could really stand to have regular dates with free weights and attempting to have these dates in my living room inevitably ends with my ass parked on the couch. Obviously it’s more comfortable my way, but it’s doing nothing for my triceps.

plan of attack

I’ve decided to do a modified version of  Hal Higdon’s half marathon training plan. What do I mean by modified? I mean, honestly I’m probably not going to do all that cross training. I’d like to say that I will, but I know myself well enough to know that I really don’t like strength training. Well, maybe I really like it when I’ve just finished doing it, but the idea of it makes me want to crawl back into bed. I’ll probably incorporate some of the speed work & tempo training from the intermediate plan as well.

I ran in the sunshine yesterday. I’d almost forgotten what that feels like. It was really nice. I saw a bunch of other runners, which is refreshing. I’m thinking I’ll run Greenlake tomorrow for National Running Day.I’m feeling really inspired right now. If only I could bottle it up for when I really need it. This quarter is almost over and I’m 2/3 relieved. A LOT of my good mood is coming from that 2/3. The other 1/3 is taught by a professor who is in the top 5 college division, top 6 overall. I’m really going to miss his class. But I’m ready for this quarter to be over. Thankfully, summer quarter will be short. More time for running? Yeah, if I drag myself out of bed before Hubs has to go to work. It looks like that won’t be a problem since Harold the Rooster lives across the alley from us. Harold isn’t very good with time, but he wants to be sure he does a good job of notifying the world the sun is coming up so most days he starts in around 3 am. In what may or may not be related news, I might start eating chicken again. 😉 Kidding, Harold. Mostly. But, seriously. Save it for at least 5 am.

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